Short videos – Impressions of our machines “in action”

We would like to give you a short tour of our plant. You will see some of our spiral fabric process machinery running, including our largest and most complex machine, the AS-60/Combination. This machine is meant to assemble spirals made from either round or flat monofilaments to produce spiral fabrics and to also stuff the spiral openings of the assembled fabric in just one step. By executing these processes simultaneously this machine makes any interim steps obsolete. It can be operated effectively by only one operator.

This video shows one of the early test-runs of a prototype for the newly introduced FD-2300 high speed winder. Although the machine shown is not running at the full 2300RPM (flat material wound off the rotating spool) of the later standard model, the film shows very impressively the new machine’s low vibration. In comparison to the later standard model, the prototype does not yet have any of the later added soundproofing.

This video is all about spirals! See very detailed close-ups of the winding process. The video shows the spiral formation process depicting how the monofilament passes the winding head and how it is wound onto the mandrel. The spiral is then transported along the mandrel and through the patented steel belt heat setting zone. Finally the spiral is taken off the mandrel. The machine shown is our current top-of-the-range high speed model FD-2300 running at maximum speed. This machine is capable of processing the monofilament of a complete DIN250-spool into spiral in under 8 hours (the running time of course depends on the type of spiral produced).