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Seam spirals by LEO Feinwerktechnik

Seam spirals are used to form the seams on such end use products as paper machine clothing (PMC) and other specialty fabric transport belts. The spirals are inserted into the ends of the woven fabric in a reweaving (Pin Seaming) process. This way the seam is formed which later on is used for joining the two ends of the spiral fabric together, thereby forming a continuous belt.

Manufacturing seam spirals was originally the sole purpose of LEO Feinwerktechnik. Over time, LEO seam spirals have been improved continuously. Today our seam spirals are produced by absolute specialists with long-term experience. Besides our standard product lines, we have been able to successfully manufacture unique requests by our customers.

Seam spirals by LEO are made from highest-grade materials and they are produced to match very narrow tolerances. They undergo a multistage quality control. They are checked throughout the production process and undergo an additional 100%-check after the production.

Several types of materials, sizes and colors are offered depending on end use exposure. LEO seam spirals are also available in Polyester or PEEK material adhering to FDA direct food contact standards. Other materials have been designed to offer significant resistance to hydrolysis and abrasion forces. We are sure you will find a seam spiral in our extensive product range that will perfectly fit your specific requirements.

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Leo Zip

Light weight conveyor belt connectors “LEO-ZIP”

The light weight conveyor belt connector “LEO-ZIP” was especially developed by LEO. The connection is made using a resilient seam type spiral attached to a woven fabric webbing. This Leo-Zip spiral lacing is then bonded, vulcanized or fixed between the end layers of the light weight transport belt.

We offer LEO-ZIP in a number of standard sizes, a choice of colors and made from different materials to match different applications. Many of these products are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Again we have highest quality standards concerning the choice of materials, processing and dimensional accuracy. The quality control starts already before production with the materials we use, and continues throughout the production just as extensively as for the seam spirals. The pintle- or connection-wire to join LEO-ZIP spiral lacing is supplied as standard add-on.

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Pintle wires with stainless steel leader

In order to join together seam spirals, LEO-ZIP or spiral fabrics we offer an extensive choice of pintle-wires in different designs made from different materials. They are also available in numerous colors, diameters and lengths. Materials available are Polyester, Nylon and PEEK.