Leo Zip Catalog

LEO-ZIP CAT – 10/10 - 12 - Product Catalogue 2011 Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 29a 63128 Dietzenbach Germany phone: +49-6074-25863 / 492515 fax: +49-6074-27289 e-mail: info@hr-leo.de internet: http://www.hr-leo.de Certified under ISO 9001 Also in our program available: Seam spiral This spiral has an asymmetrical shape (U-shape) which makes an all-purpose application to a mesh for endless joining possible. These spirals are available in PEEK or polyester, and as FLAT or ROUND monofilaments. Pintle wires A plastic pintle wire made of PEEK, polyester or polyamide is connected to a steel wire with a tube. This steel wire serves as a guide wire into the mesh or the spiral , respectively. Insert aid This insert aid is pushed into the spiral mesh and is fixed with a steel wire – thus, there is no need for sewing. This technique does not damage the spiral mesh! Spiral winding machine The first automatic winder that processes almost all of the plastic monofila- ments on the market, such as PET, PPS, RYTON, PEEK, polyamide etc., into spirals according to a patented system. The fully automatic operation ensures that the spirals produced (left-turning and right-turning spirals) are of a constant quality and can be processed into conveyor bands or mesh for draining and drying purposes in the paper industry. Spiral joining machine This newly developed AS-60 joining machine automatically joins 60 individ- ual spirals (30 left- and 30 right-turning spirals), and 59 pintle wires are inserted into the spirals at once. The machine was especially designed for the joining of FLAT and ROUND monofilament spirals. The machine is automatically controlled by a fixed programme cycle which results in very high productivity. Stuffing table This newly designed STU-30 stuffing table is used to fill spiral fabrics. Because of a automatic control it is possible to fill un-heatset fabrics as well as already heatset fabrics with up to 30 wires (fully automated or semi automated). Also this machine can be combined with our assembling table AS-60 where a un-heatset fabric can be filled during the assembling process.