Leo Machines Catalog

PHONE: +49 6074 25863 FAX: +49 6074 27289 FEINWERKTECHNIK GMBH & CO. KG JUSTUS-VON-LIEBIG-STRASSE 29a D-63128 DIETZENBACH (GERMANY) E-MAIL: INFO@HR-LEO.DE WEB: WWW.HR-LEO.DE CERTIFIED UNDER ISO 9001 SPIRAL WINDER CN-2010 - START-UP BASE MODEL The CN-2010 spiral winder was especially designed for customers that wish to implement spiral fabric production with a limited budget. We call this machine the START-UP BASE MODEL that allows you to produce with polyester monofilament round yarns made by well known companies like Nextrusion or Bedea etc. The usable diameter range for PET monofilament is: ø 0.60 mm to ø 0.90 mm . 0-2000 RPM